How to find the perfect women’s winter coat – at the right price

Winter women's coat sale

As the temperature starts to drop, having a stylish yet warm winter coat should be an essential part of any women’s wardrobe.

Also, it will be an item that you wear daily with a variety of outfits. It helps set establish your style and can even affect your mood, which is more important as the days get shorter.

But with so many different styles and brands out there, making the right choice can be confusing. Luckily we can make things a bit easier with the STOCS designer winter jacket sale.

As Germany’s leading seller of designer jackets at discounts of 50%, we have a huge range of coats from which to choose with all of the top brands on sale, including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors or North Face.

So how do you choose which winter women’s coat is right for you?

When thinking about the best winter women’s coat, the first consideration is your lifestyle and how, where and when you are going to be wearing the coat.

The five essential winter coat styles

We think that there are five essential winter coat styles that every woman should consider including in their wardrobe:

  1. Regular daily wear coat that is your go-to winter coat – this will often be the one that you go to work in or use most regularly
  2. A more chic winter coat for going out at night to restaurants and bars – this will be more dressy and stylish that goes well over your evening wear
  3. A casual coat for weekend walks and relaxing with friends – usually this will be shorter and more like a puffer jacket or down jacket
  4. Winter parka or pea coat for weekend visits to friends or running errands – the one that you throw on and goes with your casual clothes
  5. Raincoat or trenchcoat – a lighter rain jacket for the transitions between the seasons when you don’t need the bulk of a winter coat

Some of the above options for winter coats can be combined so don’t feel you have to get all five. You can be creative and get some coats that will cover more than one of the options.

All of the main designer coat brands produce a variety of winter coats all designed for different environments and activities. For most people having more than one coat is the best option as it is difficult to find a winter coat that will work well for all occasions.

Luckily in the STOCS sale, you can get winter women’s coats at huge discounts which makes it easier to cover all your eventualities this winter and due to our discount prices, it won’t break the bank.