Women’s winter coat buying advice

stocs.eu winter women's coat sale

When looking for a designer winter women’s coat, it can feel a bit overwhelming with all of the choices that are out there.

Here at STOCS, we want to try and make it easier by not just offering designer coats at up to 50% off but helping you ask the right questions before buying a stylish winter coat.

So as someone looking for a good-looking and practical winter women’s jacket, here are the five essential questions that you should be asking yourself.

Buying the right coat winter women’s coat: The five essential questions

1.     Do I want a timeless classic or something more on trend?

If you only have a small budget, it is probably best to go for a timeless winter coat classic.  This is something that will last for many seasons and never go out of fashion.

However, another option is to buy an expensive timeless coat and combine with a lower-budget more fashionable winter coat that may not last as long but still create a statement piece in your wardrobe.

2.     Should I Invest In a quality winter coat?

Paying for a quality coat can be more economical as it will last for many years to come. So we would always recommend getting the best coat you can afford, after all you will be using it throughout autumn winter and spring in many Northern European countries.

At STOCS we are offering the best of both worlds: Get a quality designer winter coat but at half the cost. High quality, low prices are on offer in the STOCS winter women’s coat sale.

You can tell the difference in quality by looking at the warmth ratings, the fabric that is used along with the lining and finishes of the coat. All of these factors will affect not just the look of the winter coat but also the way that it keeps out the cold.

3.     What will I be doing in my winter coat?

Thinking about what you will be doing when wearing the coat will have the biggest impact on the style of winter women’s coat that you decide to buy.

Sometimes you will be more concerned about the style, when you are going out in the evening, for example, whereas other times the function of the coat will be more important depending on the activity.

So always consider what activities you will be doing in your winter coat. For example, will you be cycling, skiing or going on a winter walk with your family or dog?

Clearly the function of the coat needs to be an important consideration when you are considering the best winter coats for women.

It’s very important to have winter coats that make you feel comfortable, look great and do their job well.

Luckily at stocs.eu we have hundreds of winter coats at a bargain price in our sale that mean we will always have you covered.

4.     What will I wear underneath?

Winter women’s coats are always worn on top of something so this needs to be an important consideration.

Consider whether you will be wearing over bulky sweaters or longer skirts. So always think of the type of clothes you will have underneath as this will affect not just the style of the coat but also the fit.

5.     What Are The Weather Conditions?

While style will always be an important consideration, it also has to be practical according to the weather conditions and how resilient you are to colder conditions.

The answer to these questions will affect the thickness of the coat and the material that it is made out of. Also if it is used for a daily commute, consider if it will be worn mostly outside or in a heated car, train or bus.

In the STOCS winter coats sale, we have a wide variety of coats at huge discounts so you will not be lacking choice and can find winter coats to suit all conditions, events with some top designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors or North Face.