Which colours should you choose for your winter coat?

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Getting the colour decision right is an essential part of making sure that you have a winter women’s coat that you will be able to use many times.

At STOCS, we have just about all of the colours you can imagine in our designer winter women’s coat sale. Also the discount prices mean that you don’t just have to just get one, you can get a few to cover all your needs.

Always choose a winter coat colour that suits your complexion. Neutral colours work with more outfits than vibrant, so black coats, grey coats or camel-coloured coats will tend to go with nearly all outfits.

Should You Always Opt For A Women’s Black Winter Coat?

Black is always a good option for a winter women’s coat as it will go with just about every outfit imaginable.

The only problem with black is that it can make you look a bit washed out, especially if you have pale skin. So in these cases, we would recommend going for either a dark grey or navy blue.

Either way, a black or dark navy coat  will always look both elegant and casual and can be worn dressed up or over jeans and boots. For this reason it is a very practical colour that will work especially well in climates where the weather is wet or unpredictable. It will always give a classy look.

What other colours are good for winter women’s coats?

While we would always recommend that having a darker coat is a must, due to the huge discounts available in the STOCS winter women’s coat sale, it is worth considering getting a second colour to mix things up.

It’s always good to have at least one neutral coat in your wardrobe or perhaps two. Beige or camel coats will always give an elegant look but may not be so practical if dog walking when muddy or wet.

These winter coats always look good if paired with an assortment of brighter coloured or light scarves. These will brighten up your face and you can pick colours that are on trend to pair with this classic.

A cream or light-coloured winter coat can also look very elegant and be chic for both the day and evening.

Adding a bright coloured coat into your wardrobe will always create a real statement look and brighten up even the most gloomiest day.

Choose a winter coat colour that suits your complexion and hair colour. They are much easier to wear than you might imagine and they will make lots of impact on your style.

In terms of the type of coat, the choice, largely, comes down to how and where you are going to wear the winter coat.

After that, it is all about style and what suits you personally. Find one that works well with your body shape and frame along with a length that will suit your lifestyle.

The only last thing to consider when picking the perfect winter women’s coat, is the fit. Don’t forget to check the right size. The coat should fit perfectly across the shoulders, not too wide or too narrow. Consider what you will be wearing underneath. Sleeves should be long enough to cover your wrists.

We have lots of designer coats from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors or North Face in our winter coat sale all at bargain prices and sizes to suit all.

So happy shopping!